The Story of ICL's Rebranding

In order to grow and thrive as a global firm in the world market, ICL understood that it must act as one united entity.

As a company that operates in global markets, with global challenges, competitors and global opportunities, it was time for ICL to redefine itself according to these global needs. Population growth, increasing calorie consumption per capita, scarce commodity reserves, increase of the middle class, concern for the environment, all of these new mega trends presented ICL with a bigger challenge. One that can only be overcome as one strong unified global company. 

In August 2013, ICL launched its new strategy named "The next step forward"
which presented a new business plan based on a new philosophy. The company defined its role as providing humanity's essential needs in core markets such as agriculture, food and engineered materials.
The company's new strategy deals with three prominent pillars: Operational excellence & efficiency improvements, growth initiating projects and enabling platforms to create needed global infrastructure - to encourage growth as a global player and to build a strong future for ICL.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In order to grow and thrive as a global firm in the world market, ICL took the next step forward, acting as one united entity, drawing strength from its magnitude and exhibiting advantage of size. Moreover, ICL decided to utilize the competitive advantages of its financial capabilities, its size and geographical spread. Becoming One ICL empowers its own parts, and gains business, operational and marketing advantages in many facets of the global market.



What could flame-retardants, horticulture specialty fertilizers, potash and other branches possibly have in common?

We now all consolidate and gravitate around one backbone, one quest and one vision: supplying humanity's essential needs.
We, as ICL employees, all strive to fulfill our role of serving and providing the essential needs of humanity, whether in agriculture, food or advanced materials. This is what unites us as one company, each and every day, with a shared goal and a mutual vision.

Preserving Our Strength, Adopting to Change, Connecting to Our Roots.

"As ONE ICL, we will be able to much more effectively deliver our strategy of growth and efficiency on our way to 2020 and beyond. ICL's strength lies in operating complex value chains from our base minerals towards our 3 large end markets: agriculture, food and engineered materials. We can do this much better as ONE ICL rather than in separate smaller entities. While we will preserve ICL's well-known logo to demonstrate our connection to our foundations, our refreshed ICL brand expresses this identity and uniqueness.
ICL's defines its corporate identity as a company with professional people that fulfill the essential needs of humanity. In today's dynamic world, these needs constantly evolve and ICL must adopt and embrace change as part of our existence. We want to provide creative solutions by leading change, not just responding to it. So ICL evolves with the evolvement of needs, or as our new tagline says: "where needs take us".

Stefan Borgas, President & CEO.


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